About Our Company

Annapolis Valley Computers (AVC) is now in its third year of business. As it was from the beginning, our focus is on providing excellent customer service in every part of our business. This includes web design and hosting services, server provisioning, virtual desktop creation, secure online and local backup services, and information technology research and development ideas and solutions.

At Annapolis Valley Computers we take pride in ensuring data integrity and customer confidence in our services. To accomplish this, we carefully consider each of our clients’ individual needs, usage, maintenance and/or backup requirements when we recommend a solution for you.

 In a traditional server environment each physical server runs an application on a specific operating system. Most x86 computers today operate at a mere 10-15% of their total operating capacity, leaving vast IT resources untapped and unusable. With server virtualization, you can increase utilization to as much as 85% by running multiple operating systems on a single server, sharing the resources of that single server across multiple environments.

Annapolis Valley Computers (AVC) offers and uses a variety of Virtual Managed Machine solutions and offers multiple virtual environments by implementing software across a fully managed physical server farm. These Virtual Machines run their own OS and applications and are completely independent of the other virtual machines running in this environment. Along with a versatile computing environment, all servers are backed up on a regular basis to ensure security of the work that our customers put into their projects.

AVC offers both static and dynamic hosting and is able to provide this service offsite or internally on our servers.